Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Harvest Craft Fair

Hey guys,

You're the bestest!!! Thanks for all of your sweet comments and thoughts regarding my life at this point. I've taken them all into consideration and cherish every word.

On a happier note I have a question. Should I enter into our local Fall craft fair? I'm part of the local arts council now and I can be a vendor for only $50. Not sure if it would be a waste. I've never done a craft fair before so not sure how well I would do. There are going to be a lot of families though and I've been told my stuff is very kid friendly. I was thinking of doing smaller paintings and prints/bookmarks as well. What do you think? I need to let them know soon. It's a 2 day festival on the Oct. 11-12 weekend. Not sure what to do. Could use some YaYa power with my decision!!! Thanks!

UPDATE: Well I found out I missed the deadline and I would have needed my own tent! OH WELL!!! So I won't be doing it. Thanks for your thoughts Jo!

Duchess Unruly Tresses


Princess Crazy Like a Fox said...

I too know nothing about craft fairs. I don't go to many, and when I do I don't pay attention to what people buy. I think your stuff is real cute and unique. If you have enough product to display and $50 is spare it might be worth it to try. Do you sell much online, that would be a good indication too.

Lea <><

Princess Soars Like A Bird said...

I think you should go for it! It would be a great experince and a great way to get your name out there. You can even hand out flyers with your e-bay store website. It would be worth the $50.00 for that alone. Not to mention that your art is so unique and beautiful, I'm sure you will make more then what you spend. Plus it's a great way to get away and chillax! Go for it!!! You will never know unless you try it!

Paper Girl Productions said...

It would be great ask them if they know how much traffic they received last year as well as if they advertise and where they advertise their show.