Friday, September 12, 2008

Turning 31!

I am turning 31 this Sunday and not really feeling anything about it. Another year has passed and not much has happened socially for us. I am struggling with my 2 children, and feel like I don't know what I am doing. What was God thinking?! LOL! Actually this week has been much better, hopefully it's not a fluke. I have been doing much better about a quite time in the morning and God has really been speaking to me during that time. I start the morning with a smile and so do my children. I have also started to watch our neighbor's kids's 4 afternoon a week for 2-3 hrs. I am making a little bit of cash so there's that incentive, spending $$$$. During that time Audrie gets a lot of attention from the 10 yr old girl and she seems a lot more satisfied in general. Her temperment has really taken a turn for the best.
Allergies suck!!!! My nose is running and my tummy hurts from all the snot!!!! LOL! TMI?
So if the weather hold out we will go to the Harwich Cranberry festival on Sunday and Mark is taking us out to dinner to a restaurant on the water in Orleans. I think I am going to take my birthday $$$ and shop for some ya, ya sister worthy clothes, I need to keep up with the hip style of the 1 child moms.
Princess Crazy Like a Fox

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CreativeFlutter said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHICA! 31 isn't bad!!! I hope you get to do everything you've been wanting to do this year. I pray it's a special one for you and a big turnaround in life and a happy one! I love you bunches!