Saturday, October 25, 2008

New Car - YAY!

Hi guys,

Well some of you have asked on FB about this but you know all the drama behind the KIA and J's funk. Well we resolved it, actually God was faithful and brought us back to where we should have been. This was the original car we were looking at and I thought it was the car God had for us. We sat on it for over a week and J was just not having it for some reason. That's when the Kia came into play, he said he felt backed into buying the Kia so we could go to Cape Cod and visit Chris and Lea and bring the dog so he got it. He bought it to make me happy. We went back and forth, J said he had peace about buying it and then the next few days after rapidly changed his mind. He was in such a funk and the whole process of everything has caused him to doubt himself and his decisions. It has not been a fun 3 months since purchasing the Kia. He couldn't get over the car, he hated it. For me it was great because I had more room and it was easier with Lorelei but he didn't like it, in fact he avoided driving it. We found out it had been a smokers car. I have a horrible sense of smell but he doesn't and just told me that was bothering him a few weeks ago, once he mentioned it I smelled it. Well to make a long story short we still had the Accord and needed to get rid of one of the cars so we weren't making 2 car payments. The Pacifica (Which means Peace, BTW!) we originally looked at was still there after 3 months and we went back to our dealer and asked him if we could trade both cars in. Surprisingly he said yes!! So I had no clue yesterday morning we were going to be getting a new car. Jason told me to go in after my doctors appt. and have him run our credit just to see where we're at. So our dealer Ben let me take the Pacifica for about an hour and half while I ran errands and brough it home for J to look at it again which was cool. We realized we made a bad choice in the Kia and it was a mistake but I was just awed by how faithful God was to us during this process, he turned our mistake into a blessing in that we were able to get rid of both of our other cars and get the original car we were intended to have. We learned some lessons along the way and I feel stronger because of it. I'm sure some issues will still come up because of the mess that was the last 3 months but we're working through it and God is in control of everything. Hope that clears everything up about our car situation!

A little about the car: it's a 2005 Chrysler Pacifica Touring. It's AWD which is wonderful for the snow, it seats 6 if we want it to and the back seats fold down to have a ton of cargo space. The interior has a nice woodgrain on the dash and all black leather seats. Dual climate control, CD player and lots more! It's loaded! It will be awesome for road trips and is super comfy!! I just love it!!! God is so faithful!!

On another note, Lo and I are still getting over being sick please keep praying for us. My ear is still clogged, we're super congested and still have a cough. It's no fun!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Noisy Neighbors

It's 10:30 pm as I sit to write this post, and my head is splitting. I don't feel well, and the neighbors across the street (you know, the ones that have to hang out in their garage, and watch EVERY LITTLE DETAIL of your life unfold EVERY DAY) have some of their salsa music BLARING!!!! I don't complain much, but I am so sick of living near people!!!! I wish I could live in a nice secluded part of the world that was close to everything, but not close to PEOPLE!!!! ugghhh! I long for the quietness of the ADKs, or a peaceful snowfall in WNY!! When, oh Lord, will you let us leave?!?!? Sorry for the depressing nature of this entry. Just needed to vent! Love you guys!

Here are my latest creations done for a lady at work. They're her Christmas presents to her daughters. They are all in the birthstone colors of the girls' birth months. It's been a lot of fun. The little turquoise one is for her 1-year-old granddaughter.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Perfect Fall Day!

My latest video! I'm proud of it! ;)