Thursday, September 11, 2008

Well let me be the first to start!

OK so this was my crazy idea, hopefully it will go over well and we'll all be sooooo super connected through this little bloggy thing. Blogging is easy it's basically like sending an email but you post it instead of sending it. We can do little bloggy lessons if need be.

I am so blessed to have such close best friends as you all are to me. I truly miss our girls night out we used to do, our silly cookie/gingerbread parties our moanings about our hubbies, you know we had those, our crazy beach trips and everything else that was fun that we did. You are all the best! One day we'll have to have a reunion trip just the girls, no kids, no hubbies just us and fun!!! Can we do it yesterday?????

Anyhoo! Off to my good news!

I have a plane ticket, I REPEAT, I have a plane ticket for FL!!! Princess Crazy Like A Fox sorry this doesn't have any bearing on you. :( At least we just had time together. OK so the wee one and I are flying in on Dec. 15 and staying till the 26th. The Duke will be flying in probably on the 18th or 19th and leaving with us on the 26th. I hope and pray the flight there will be fine with me and Wee and a DVD. HEE!!!! So fun will be had by most of the YaYa's if they are around! More to come!!

I added a slide show of my Flickr but we can take that off if you like on the side. Also youtube videos, I put in nice tags so no nasty ones should pop up but we can take those off as well. You give me feedback I change things!!!

Well I love you all and my eyes are bugging out, time for bed!


Duchess Unruly Tresses


Princess Crazy Like a Fox said...

All I have to say is I got you all to myself for 4 days almost so I am not too upset. But I would love to see you and the squirt again soon.

Princess Soars Like A Bird said...

Hey everyone! We need to have a ya ya reunion, but for now this is the next best thing. I'm so excited! I love you all!

Princess Crazy Like a Fox said...

I reunion sounds good. Somewhere we could all take a direct flight to that is not our own stomping ground. Someplace fab!!! We sould talk about trying to set something up in the next year or so? Chris says we need to pass something around like the pants....he suggested underware... LOL!!!

Princess Soars Like A Bird said...

I'm in! We all could use a break, I'm sure. BYW, Aimee when you come down, do you all want to stay a night at the Portofino Hotel? I can get us in for only $50.00 a night!!! That includes 50% off most resturaunts and a free fast pass to Universal and IOA!